About Us

Our Mission

ChoreoNovaTM is a contemporary dance company whose works and programs aim to give both the public and participants alike new insight to realize their individual and collective resilience. We create, widely disseminate, and increase access to universal emotional experiences that impel others to resolve their life issues. By fusing different dance forms, multimedia technologies, and research, we pursue original artistic frontiers. In so doing, we affirm dance as our means of expression, our passion, and our reason for existence.

Who We Are

Board of Directors:
Davida Rae, President
Rona Sayetta, Director
Stacey Hrabar, Director

Work: "Anticipation"
Dancer: Kerra Alexander
Image: Bill Shirley
© 2014 Bill Shirley

Davida Rae, CEO, Secretary
Rona Sayetta, CFO/Treasurer

Chuck Tyler, SMM
Matthew Brueggeman, IT