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Transformative Contemporary Dance Performances and Films

ChoreoNova® develops, produces, and presents transformative contemporary dance works that tell impassioned stories. They demonstrate personal empowerment and communal justice. Using the power of dance art, we strive to offer you insight to realize individual and collective resilience.

Online Learning

You stay in the comfort of
your own home. We teach.

Live Performances

You bring the venue. We’ll bring the entertainment.

Film Screenings

Something special happens when dancers transport audiences.

Happy Audiences

  • Intimate Beauty

    “Like I was getting a glimpse into someone’s intimate world in a way that reminds us of beauty’s possibilities”

    (Mike B., audience member, Psychosocial, Pittsburgh, PA)

    Intimate Beauty
  • A Different World

    “Unlike any other ballet I’ve seen” (Anon., audience member), “Coupled: Autonomous Love,”

    Philadelphia, PA)

    A Different World
  • Loved It

    “Loved It”

    (Dr. Yang C., audience member, Excerpt from “The Mind’s I,”  Pittsburgh, PA)

    Loved It