Our Vision

ChoreoNova will be regarded internationally for the unique nature of its performance art.

Our work is something that won’t be experienced elsewhere, inspiring individuals to discover their intrinsic worth and to value all other human beings as equals.

Experiencing our art will cause people to ask novel questions about their lives to initiate positive behavioral change.

1) Our art is very relatable to a diverse audience.

We envision a successful future in which ChoreoNova® tells various people’s stories through dance to create a platform for positive change. Our inclusive approach helps audiences worldwide feel welcomed and engaged.

Our viewers and performers have come to appreciate that we all share common emotional experiences like pain, joy, and hope. Across our repertoire, diverse stories cover people of various races, ethnicities, and classes; the full range of age, gender, and sexual preferences; differing physical abilities and body types; and multiple ideologies.

We are proud of our reputation for choreographing all dance forms and styles for more effective storytelling. Indeed, ChoreoNova® embraces a much wider spectrum of dance forms than usually performed by a single company. By employing so many ways of moving (dance, natural gestures, martial arts, yoga, etc.), we display each one’s uniqueness and equality.

As a dance tech pioneer, ChoreoNova® is unrivaled. We repeatedly demonstrate how suitable technologies can enhance dance making. But dance itself always remains our primary mode of communicating with you.

2) Our art works are very physically accessible.

We are recognized for our ability to entertain audiences despite people’s physical limitations and whether online or in-person. We can perform in places ranging from indoor theaters to outdoor locations.

We are also known for delivering our art to as many people as possible through live performances, interactive experiences (direct personal participation), and films (screenings and online). We use dance film where live performance is not feasible. We regularly experiment with novel delivery modes for dance art.

3) We regularly cooperate.

Frequently, we work with artists who are new to us. We continue to try to amalgamate dance with every other type of human art.

Across our repertoire, we have involved more and more types of artists (lighting designers, animators, etc.) as we have told more and more stories. Also, we have formed partnerships with nonprofits and even for-profit companies to our mutual benefit.

We are part of a community of like-minded organizations that help each other.